About Me

As a believer of the quote by the German Philosopher – Friedrich Nietzsche that “What does not kill you makes you stronger” and with a background as a healthcare worker, these have shaped the way I looked at life and shaped my health and lifestyle in a better way.

I have lived by this principle most of my life and looking back years after today, I feel I have the obligation to give back in a way.

While I give thanks to God for my good health and lifestyle, the discipline self and lifestyle have also helped in this journey.

My family and most of my close friends will tell you that I have never smoked or taken alcohol in my life, however, I love my juice drinks (non-concentrate though) and fruits.

Did I hear you say fruits contain sugar? Yes, but it is natural and are a mix of fructose, sucrose and glucose and are only harmful in excess.

I am not a fan of strenuous exercise as my wife will tell you, but I love the walkouts and I do a lot during the cause of my work which has also helped a lot. I could do an average of 8000 to 10000 steps per day.

I have been eating twice a day in the last one and half decade. My breakfast ranges from oat/custard with bean cake, brown bread and omelette, toast, and potato though I found it hard to take rice out of my menu for dinner. I love my tea with ginger and lemon.

I do occasional voluntary fasting especially Mondays and Thursdays and during Ramadan.

At about 1.7 meter tall, I last weighed 71 kg with a BMI of 25 which is not too shabby for my age.

My aim and aspiration is to help friends and family achieve a better health and lifestyle, share our experiences and understand how to make our health and lifestyle better together. These are the reasons why I keep going and stronger and that is the place I will like you all to be or to supersede.

There you go. That’s it about me.

Ahmed Suleiman